Crumbs And All Feature Image

Crumbs And All

Crumbs And All is a Brisbane-based artisanal cake micro-business run by Alex Wilkinson. Alex wanted a logo and some business cards that would quickly communicate what she does.

I came up with a logo based on a cupcake motif using negative space in the icing to form the ‘C’ of the Crumbs And All lettering, using the client’s chosen brand colours of meringue yellow and magenta.

While designing this logo, I was also keeping in mind that Crumbs And All’s main portfolio would reside on Instagram, so a smaller, circular version of the logo that could be used as a social media profile picture was also necessary and this is achieved by just using the cupcake motif.

For the business cards, I went with a simple but playful design that would compliment the bright, popping brand colours.